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power factor correction south africa
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Power Factor Correction Equipment – What’s the difference to you?
When you decide to invest in Power Factor Equipment special considerations must be made for the demanding conditions posed by our African climate.

In the table below you can see a comparison of all the companies available. We’ve also compared all for the Key Performance Indicators that are most important in making your choice.

ManufacturerOPP UKDucatiNeptuneNingboElectricaAener
Maximum Operating Altitude2000 m1000 m1000 m1000 munspecifiedunspecified
Maximum Operating Temp65 c55 c55 c50 c50 c40 c
Forced air ventilationYESNO NOFlow fan onlyNO200+ KVA only
Temperature AlarmYESNONONONONO
Works with diesel generators to reduce fuel consumptionYESNONONONONO
Guarantee 5 YEARS1 year1 year1 year1 year1 year
here's why you should only ever fit the best
There are 6 key things we you need to consider. Let's look at each in turn.
Maximum Operating Altitude
Most major towns and cities in Southern Africa region are 1000 metres above sea level, some are close to 2000. As you see in the table no other PFC provider can operate at that altitude.

Air pressure is lower at higher altitudes and that means the capacitors (which are the key component of any PFC equipment) must be of the highest quality.

That’s why we only use the best quality capacitors available. Vishay High Specification Capacitors. Also found on the Airbus 180, the most advanced passenger jet ever built.

After all, why shouldn’t your business benefit from the best technology too?

Maximum Operating Temperature and Forced Air Ventilation
You know yourself it’s not unusual for outdoor temperatures in Southern Africa to reach 50 degrees. But inside your electrical control room temperatures can become intense, and inside the cabinets it gets warmer still.

Without proper cooling, ventilation circuits overheat and it’s not uncommon for components to melt.

That’s why we insist on installing forced air ventilation on all our equipment as standard. On our larger units we fit dual forced air systems. For your unit its like having air-conditioning system and that guarantees many years of trouble free operation.

Temperature Alarm
Even with all the above specification and safeguards sometimes operating conditions can become extreme and result in damage to your equipment.

That’s why every unit we build comes fitted with temperature alarms as standard.

Any problems and you'll be warned ahead of time.

Ability to operate with diesel generators to reduce fuel consumption
The use of diesel generators to replace lost mains power is rapidly increasing. We realise the importance of this and have worked hard to bring you a solution that works with and for you.

We are proud to say that our Power Factor Correction Equipment is the only technology available anywhere that works with generators to help you save on your diesel fuel costs.

Savings of at least 10% are the norm, but we’ve also seen savings in excess of 30%. You'll find more information about this special feature throughout our website.

Our 5 Year Guarantee
Our technology is so good that every unit we supply comes with a Full 5 Year Warranty. It’s unlikely that you’ll ever need it, but we give it to you so you have complete peace of mind.
More Important Information
Optimised Power Products Ltd are a British Company, we manufacture and operate to highest standards. Every unit we make is custom built and complies with the same rigorous high standards that we set for all our products.

You’ll find more information about our Power Factor Solutions throughout this website.

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